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Christmas is a Christian holiday which celebrates the birth of Jesus and is observed worldwide by non-Christians alike. It was in the 4th century that the Roman church chose to celebrate Christmas during the winter solstice which symbolizes the returning of the sun. As a result, Christmas Day is on December 25, but the day before is just as important. December 24 is known as Christmas Eve and during this time, many families come together to begin their celebrations. They enjoy many festive activities such as placing gifts under the Christmas tree while listening to cheerful music. A favourite family tradition is sitting down altogether to watch classic holiday movies. Later in the evening, little children can listen to the telling of a Christmas story while looking out the window at a white blanket of snow.

Christmas deals

During this bustling time, many shops such as Courts Mammouth, Super U and Intermart offer limited-edition items and specials advertised on television and in catalogues. Shoppers seek out gifts in hopes of crossing them off their loved ones’ lists. Some popular items include electronics, sporting goods, toys and cosmetics. In addition, online sports chains such as City Sport offer stylish gift options for family members of all ages. Finding festive food ideas to bring to a party is fairly simple in a Christmas market where the perfect plate of cakes or cookies is awaiting you!

Christmas planning and shopping

Shopping for decorations and gifts is not something that should be kept for the very last minute. With the surge of shoppers out and about, it is best to plan ahead and not let deals slip through your fingers. Saving money during this holiday season is a bonus with MU Catalogues as it provides you with an overview of the best offers and specials via leaflets from your favourite stores. This way, you can enjoy more quality time with your family and less time running around the shops!

All in all, have a merry Christmas!

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