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Super U Catalogue - 23.09.2022 - 6.10.2022 - Sales products - cheesecake, brownies, carrots, corn, sweet potato, sweet corn, prawns, fish, pizza, nuggets, hamburger, spring rolls, Bird's Eye, polony, sausage, paneer, Dr. Oetker, mixed vegetables, strips, McCain, potato fries, Ital Pizza, Fudge, Mars, Cadbury, Dairy Milk, beef liver, beef meat, ground beef, buffalo meat, lamb meat, mutton meat, lamb leg, Omo, Heinz, steak. Page 5.
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The specialty, which is based mainly on ground beef, was brought to America by German immigrants. Today you can enjoy it in many variants.

Many people still confuse two different concepts in the field of gastronomy. These terms are meatball and burger. There is a huge difference. And not only in that the meatball is usually wrapped in three-pack and the burger is fried without any wrapping.

  • Another difference is that other ingredients are added to the burger.
  • This does not include eggs or breadcrumbs, and yet, when properly prepared, it will stick together.

The basis is traditional beef. But nowadays, many fast foods offer many different variants of this product. But a burger is not just a matter of stall sales or fast food. You can also find a quality burger in luxury restaurants.

  • There you can enjoy an infinite number of variants.
  • From the mentioned beef, through chicken, turkey, and salmon.
  • There are also vegetarian versions where the meat is replaced by, for example, ground black beans or rice.
JUUU UUUUUUU pu UU SURGELÉS JUUUUUU UUS 116.00 JUU 158.00 UU UU JU J L Rs SU VAT ZERO Rs VAT ZERO Beef Mince - Mr Meat le paquet de 350g Rs New CUAD Boneless Mutton Australie - Premier les 500g VAT ZERO Mr Meat $250.00 342.50 Veget Vegetable-2 Nugge Cutlets PEAL Beef Mince 55.00 75.00 HEN GAR al Panagora Vegetable Cutlets / Nuggets - Sumeru la boîte de 200g Rs جربی Rs Rs Tera PREMIER VAT INCLUSIVE HEINZ SUPER SWEET CORN 70.95 VAT 99,00 INCLUSIVE VAT INCLUSIVE BEN&JERRY Brownie Fudge te ذرة حلوة 75.00 99.00 Mixed Vegetables / Garden Peas / Sweet Corn / Spinach - Heinz le sachet de 450g $212.00 295.00 رات منوعة . Emborg le sachet de 450g - MIXED VEGETABLES Rs VAT ZERO Beef BEN&JERRY'S Vanilla Pocan Blondie ya Boma Br EMBORG أوراق ا Mixed Vegetables / Sweet Corn / Peas & Carrots LEAVES Rs VAT ZERO Meat ORN Beef Liver Australia - Mr Meat les 500g Glace Ben&Jerry tous arômes la boîte de 438ml / 465ml Rs Sa - Vegetable Fingers Sumeru la boîte de 250g VAT ZERO 67.50 91.50 59.00 77.50 290.00 378.00 Vegetable Fingers Bone in Lamb Leg - Top Notch les 500g 100% Rs VAT INCLUSIVE 1kg Rs Precuit VAPEUR 13 m VAT INCLUSIVE ICE DREAM ourgette EN RONDELLES Al BIRDS EYE Rs MALAYSIAN H The Buffalo $197.00 .00 275.00 M 15 -2709 Rs 1 VAT INCLUSIVE Rs Mr Meat 190.50 245.00 VAT ZERO Buffalo Tenderloin - Mr Meat les 500g CAM Chnges Samoussa / Spring Roll Veg,Fromage / Croquette Fromage / Pâté Veg - Mari gajack le sachet de 270g x 15pcs VAT ZERO ICE VAT SAMO INCLUSIVE Rs $106.00 139.00 BIRDS EYE Stir Fry Stir Fry THAI STYLE 15 2709 مالین SPRING ROLLS FROMAGE $70.50 96.00 Stir Fry Chow Mein / Thai / Malaysian - Birds Eye le sachet de 500g MARI GAJAK McCain s Chilli Garlic Potato Bites PORCH Aloo Tikki/ Veggie Fingers / Chilli Garlic Potato Bites - Mc Cain le sachet de 400g / 420g Courgettes en Rondelles - U le sachet de 1kg 59.50 93.00 89.00 160.00 950 Vale a Heta COURGETTES NDELLES Glace Ice Dream Dairymaid tous arômes la boîte de 2L ain gers Rs Rs $259.00 330.00 O Rs VAT ZERO OrOetker Hawaiian Beef Topside Australie - Mr Meat les 500g VAT INCLUSIVE Mea ITAL PIZZA Classic Dr. Oetker Tikka Chicket VAT INCLUSIVE VAT INCLUSIVE $156.00 210.00 ITAL PIZZA Classic FRIED MALAI PANEER Pizza IP Classic - Dr Oetker Hawaiian / Margherita / Tikka / BBQ chicken la boîte de 240g/305g/320g/350g McCain Mixed Vegetables P Sop Fro Rs VAT ZERO Fried Malai Paneer - Inde Chef's le sachet de 200g 64.50 89.00 VAT INCLUSIVE Mixed Vegetables - Mc Cain le sachet de 500g 90.00 120.00 Inde-Chefs Rs R$ 135.00 Classic Champignons de Paris Émincés - U le sachet de 1 kg 195.00 CHAMPIGNONS DE PARIS EMINES LEGUME Bera C S 156.60 266.50 330 g Classic Chocolat 1 BONNEVES À PARTAGER Glace Classic - Miko tous arômes la boîte de 2L Vapeur WITA WAK a Rs R$ 101.00 195.50 VAT ZERO Rs PLANTA CHICKEN STYLE Frys STRIPS www. MADE WE FAMILY Buffalo Fores India - Premier les 500g LOVE A VAT INCLUSIVE SUMERU Fine Dining VE AND PLANTS MaRS Pa VAT WITH $104.00 138.00 Vegetarian Range - Fry's Battered Prawns / Chicken Style Nuggets / Strips / Chunky Srips / Fish-Style Fillets / Vegetarian Polony/ Big Fry Burger la boîte de 224g/240g/250g/380g/500g Fry's MADEPLANTS Rs hapeur Zamek INCLUSIVE Malabar Paratha Promo Pack - Sumeru le sachet de 600g BUY 1 GET 1 FREE Bon Bonduelle Le Broc En fleurette Haricot Vert Extra-fin VAT ZERO $210.00 Rs 63.00 79.00 50 350.00 le VAT INCLUSIVE Minute Chou-Fleur / Brocoli / Haricot Vert Extra Fin - Bonduelle le sachet de 1kg O1Kg eur $115.00 147.00 LUTOS LUTOSA Shoestrings-A STEAK FRIES-POM'STEAK Batatas Allumettes- شرائح بطاطس مقلية - Batatas Fritas G Selection SOMERSA Frite Lutosa French(10/10)/ Allumettes(7/7) / Steak (10/18) le sachet de 1kg Selection GOLDEN CRISPY FISH-STYLE FILLETS Daladma on y de balle FRY FAMILY Rs VAT INCLUSIVE M 1 KEEP FROZEN CHATE 1kg/10 Rs TANTE SE MONVENTION & VANTE ARE YOU READ TO TANTE ITT NOVLEATIONAL $210.00 305.90 VAT ZERO Glace Selection - Miko la boîte de 2L sauf Lemon Cheesecake Rs VAT ZERO Rs R$ 109.00 126.00 Epaule Agneau Tranché Grillade - Premier les 500g VAT ZERO Vegetable Catelesses & Nuggets Bundle Pack - Régal le sachet de 250g/320g 243.50 309.50 189.75 260.00 LECOMS & SLEE PRES GRANES CERC JUICT & TANTE ARE YOU READY TO TASTE IT? INCONVENTIONAL PLAN BAD WAYANG OMO PACK N BIGH IN PROTEIN Burger Normal / Tomatoes / Veggy Fillets / Veggy Sausages / Mini Burger Classic la bar- quette de 180g/220g Rs Regal Nuggets de légumes 100 Unconventional Plant Based VAT La Poêlée INCLUSIVE MEDITERRANEENN Rs Bondu$ 245.00 325.00 Bonduelle la Poêlée RUSTIQUE POESTERRE MARICRIS VERTA SPICES PARIS BO nes dawn Poêlée Méditeranéenne / Rustique - Bonduelle le sachet de 750g Colbury Dairy Milk, ៤-ក VAT INCLUSIVE ARE YOU BEAIR TO TASTE ITT PAMINTA ARE YOU READY TO TASTE ITT NEDER LA TROPICA PREMIER Rs $212.00 270.00 crunchie Blast Mya N Multipack Dairymilk / Crunchie Blast / Lunchbar - Cadbury la boîte de 5x60ml MALA Geurent LA TROPICALE Gourenet ICALE t $168.00 VAT INCLUSIVE 225.00 Glace / Sorbet - La Tropicale tous arômes la boîte de 900ml 5 SUPER U

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